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  • Cover Up at Roswell?

    Cover Up at Roswell?

    In 1947, multiple reports were made of UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico. At least one government agent has come forward to confirm these findings, as well as the government cover up that followed.

  • 45-Second Short: Terra Incognita

    Terra Incognita

    Short documentary film about the scientific examination of nature.

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  • Rocket Sciece - a Short Film by Melanie Conner

    Rocket Launch

    Seattle Country Day School and Roger Ressmeyer have an annual Rocket Launch Day

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  • A Key to the Past

    A Key to the Past

    University of Washington researcher studies a modern tropical environment to help understand how South America may have looked 40 million years ago.

  • Angel Fighting

    Angel Fighting

    Professional boxing and Christianity in Las Vegas. A short editorial film by Melanie Conner. Shot on a Canon 7D HD DSLR, edited in Final Cut Pro.